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Finding font used in Virgil Abloh "Figures of Speech" Brooklyn Museum Pamphlet

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Trying to find this mono serif used in the pamphlet at the Brooklyn Museum's showing of Virgil Abloh's "Figures of Speech" exhibit. Was used in other "Figures of Speech" exhibits in other cities, but this pamphlet has the clearest example of the font:




Been driving me and my friends crazy. It's really nice, and would love to find it.

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Reminds me of typewriter (or possibly a printer) font. Because of being mono-spaced, and the way the 'M' and 'W' are constrained.

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Riccardo Sartori

As MissNobody said, it looks like a revival of some typewriter typefaces (or inspired by one). It bears some resemblance to the Prestige or derivatives, but the narrowness is uncommon, and I was unable to find a match.

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Yeah, looking for "typewriter" didn't help unfortunately as most of them are stylized.

Trying to find one with square dots is hard, since I don't know the best way to narrow that down.

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Is there a design credit in the pamphlet? I have sometimes reached out to the designer directly to inquire about these kinds of pressing questions!

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