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Looking to identify a font from a 1980s limited edition Opel Corsa

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Hello all!


I am hoping you knowledgeable lot can help me. I’m restoring a 1985 Opel Corsa Sprint C.

There were only 50 cars made and they all had ‘Corsa Sprint’ written across the back in quite a distinctive font.

I’ve tried all manner of automatic font identification websites, but none of them have cracked it, so I’m hoping some real humans can help! ☺️

Please see attached and many thanks in advance!9046FE7E-9DF1-4ACE-88E1-F93CD76029D2.jpeg.9ec847aa4c952b679b08cb8a4391c5bf.jpegE72DFDEE-69DF-4577-BC8E-96FCF466A627.jpeg.765eaec7b7d70d325675ccaff03fb851.jpeg

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