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Help identifying a font from metal type

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I've got this display font from a print shop (est. 1912) in Sweden and I photographed it and currently making a bitmap font of it (image is from early work in progress), but want to credit the designer in some way. Point size is ca 72 pt and the bottom of the type has this bevel which I understand is an "older" phenomena. 



Metal Type.png

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Thanks for the input Kevin! There are some slight differences between this and Akzidenz-Grotesk Condensed but but definitely a close derivative as you say. One of the more noticeably differences is the double story "g" (single story in Akzidenz) if I'm not mistaken.

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Kevin Thompson

If there is a g in the sample you posted, I must have missed it (I see several q|s, but no g).

If you click the link I provided, and go to the info links on the far right, you can access various specimens of Akzidenz-Grotesk over the years. The lowercase a in your sample has a straight stem (no flare out at the bottom), but both styles occur in AG, depending on the weight.

Can you post an image of your double-story g?

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