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Looking for the font of this old German clock

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Good day to the people who read this.

I have a question


I would like to know what kind of font this is.
Probably from the early 1800s.
it is from an engraved stamp on an old clock.
from the mid 1800s approximately.
It's about finding out if the first letter is a K or an R.

There are many letters that look like it, but I have not come across the S like this and actually all the letters in my search.

At one point I came across this form ,and I thought maybe someone knows.



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Riccardo Sartori

This is not a typeface: engraved letters have their own history, different from printing letters.

That said, an |S| that can possibly be considered similar can be found in Numismatic. You can also use "Lombardic" as a search term to look for alternatives.

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I have been to this Numismatic website but I searched at Serif fond.

Lombardic is an extinct West Germanic language (quickly looked it up) I will investigate further.


I've read this : Why there isn't a font behind every letter you see.
Thank you very much for this information link.
Now I can continue searching and follow the new path.

That means that I can search in that direction for engraved stamps.
And to find out whether the first letter of this Stamp is a K or an unsuccessful R.

For comparison with the other stamps.






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Thomas Kunz

I think it's called RSM. And I believe the abbreviation RSM stands for Reinhold Schnekenburger Mühlheim, the manufacturer of the watch.


Reinhold (first name)

Schnekenburger (last name)

Mühlheim (city in Germany)


Take a look here.

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Good day Thomas

Thank you for your well-meaning response.
But of course I know what R S M letters stand for.
Clocks are also counterfeited in the clock world.
Also in late 1800s.
That is why it is important to know for sure whether the initial letter is a K or a failed R.

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