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Identification of Logo Type for Shasta Imitation Black Cherry Soda Can

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I'm looking for identification of the typeface used in the "SHASTA" logo on the attached image of Shasta Imitation Black Cherry Soda. I would estimate this to be from the 1930s or 1940s, but I can't say for sure.

Shasta Imitation Black Cherry Soda.jpg

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Kevin Thompson

Sorry, but the logo itself and "It HASTA be SHASTA!" is lettering, not a typeface.


The only typeface on the can is the white type on red, which is Futura Bold/Futura Condensed Bold.

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What is it about "SHASTA" that gives it away as lettering, not type?

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Kevin Thompson
8 minutes ago, libcrypt said:

What is it about "SHASTA" that gives it away as lettering, not type?

No match to a metal typeface of that era.

Logotypes and display lettering of that era were almost always hand drawn / lettered, not typeset. Phototypesetting didn't enter the picture until the 1950s, but even then hand lettering persisted long into the photo and digital typesetting age.

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