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Would really appreciate any help determining what 2 fonts are being used in KUSTOM. The owner, Ken, specially picked out the K but cannot recall the name from over 40 years ago.

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20230407_164018.thumb.jpg.b8ba9d94d8bae68cfd9af9a741b8fb7b.jpgMy boss is looking for me to paint a large tow truck that is made solely out of concrete. He spent a significant amount of money on having it made and is apparently putting his faith in me to paint it for him so he can showcase it in front of his home permanently. I have many stencils but he made it a point to mention that it has to be the right "K". I just laughed until I realized it is much harder than I thought to determine what font the "K" may be. I also believe it is 2 different fonts being used in KUSTOM and I am at a complete loss on the 2nd font being used as well at this point. The shadows and italicized is the easy part to see but looking back and forth at the zillions of fonts makes them all look similar after a while lol. I really appreciate any help in determining what fonts are being used in "KUSTOM" or even maybe just one of the fonts at least to send me in the right direction. Thank you in advance for any time someone may take out of their day to help a total stranger! 

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Agree that the K appears to be Palette, artificially italicized even further and made bolder.

USTOM seems to be two typefaces:

For the M, the closest I can find is Dez Squeeze Fat (you'd have to artificially italicize it).

USTO could be replicated with Blackplotan (again, artificially italicized + vertically compressed) or Folio Extra Bold (artificially italicized + vertically compressed).

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