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Searching for this font from Disney’s Haunted Mansion tombstones/crypt

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Hi! I’m looking for the sans font in these images from some of the monuments in the Haunted Mansion queue. I’m not certain whether these sans fonts are all the same with some stylistic alternates, or different, similar fonts. If different then my main interest is the “First Lady of the opera” font. Thank you!!! AC3C51A6-8E94-49F3-A771-B31295995126.jpeg.380dc8b0515163bb76c0ec4017b01f39.jpeg



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It's really hard to distinguish the details in first two images (last image is a different typeface). The most similar I can find is: LHF Billhead 1900. It has decorations, but those would not transfer that well into engraved form.

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Thank you! I had actually looked at that one and dismissed it because of the decoration, but I think you’re right that they just don’t translate to the carving. 

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Kevin Thompson

LHF Billhead 1900 is as close as I could get as well, but note the uneven arms of the Y on the original (left is taller than the right)—it looks annoyingly familiar, but no luck zeroing in on it (yet).

Nice use of display type elsewhere—Harriet is set in Fenway Park JF, Mister Frees is set in LHF Goldsmith.

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