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Please help me identify the font in the "sequential numbering" use in this FiveStars Baseball tradiong card

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Your sample seems to fall into the category of legal documents (passports, certificates, receipts, court papers and so on.) There might be perfectly good reasons to ask for a font identification, but there is also always the danger of supporting forgeries through our help. Therefore we kindly ask you to explain in more detail why you need an identification of these fonts. 

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Sequential numbering of traditionally printed items (offset printing, not digital) is still done mechanically, via machines that have numbers on the ends of gear wheels that turn as the items being numbered are fed through the machine.

The type styles of those numbers are particular/custom to those machines, and rarely correspond to traditional typefaces, though there are some digital typefaces that recreate those “crash numbering” styles.

Only finding similar: Heroic Condensed Medium

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