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I am looking for the name of the font in our logo (The Cottage Life)

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Hallo again, regarding the clarity free font above, is there any way to make it more readable, say I want to write "curated", a person can not even read it the u and the r are unreadable. Any help will be so appreciated. thank you very much.

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1 minute ago, Bjørn Edvard Torbo said:

Maybe the commercial full version does, I don't know.

If it doesn't, you can always convert it to vector and alter that vector, but that would not be a solution if you want to use it to display larger amount of text. Another option is to pick a different - but similar - font that is more readable.

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21 hours ago, MissNobody said:

Another option is to pick a different - but similar - font that is more readable.

Thank you all very much for the help, I will try to convert it to vector as the last resort, I am not so clued up on all the fonts which ones are different but similar and readable?

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There are an abundance of both “free” and paid fonts out there, in all shapes and styles imaginable, and it doesn’t have to be all that expensive either if you go with a paid font. Clarity Script is on Creative Market and would set you back $16 for a desktop license. You could probably spend hours just wading through all the fonts in the Script category alone on that Webshop. Creative Fabrica specializes in catering for the crafters out there, so you would find even more there. They frequently give away large bundles of fonts complete with commercial use licenses too, and I’ve seen a lot of script typefaces included in those packages. Just sign up for their newsletter and wait for it to chime in your inbox. 
Now, if you have a real business, complete with customers, competitors, partners and the whole shebang, you have to consider several things. First, your customers will have an expectation from your business image that needs to be met. Second, you would probably want to stand out as superior compared with your competitors (better quality, more elegant, more trustworthy and so on). Your partners would look for that in their partners too. One way to work towards all this, is to polish that business image until your fingers bleed, and since your logo is your face to the world, it should shine the brightest. I can guarantee you that you won’t succeed with that with a free font from DaFont in your luggage. You’d probably need some professional help to really make it look exceptional, but choosing a professional, well made typeface that can’t be snubbed for free by any kid with a computer is a great start. If it’s just for the logo, it could even be hand drawn for superior uniqueness. Just my twenty cents. 😉👍

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