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Looking for the Font used in Southern Eyre Equestrian Logo

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I have been given the task of re creating a Logo and I have exhausted the internet search trying to find it. The people that purchased the business  are unable to provide the name that's why I have to recreate the logo.

I Created a shorter Text image with the font characters that are unique. But I cannot find the Font!

Search Text SRQC.jpg

As you can see:  the S and C font with ball terminal is unique!

southern eyre aqestrian.png

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Hi MisNobody,

Yes, I did Vector the image! no problem with that. But the text when Vectored does not come out clean. They want to enlarge this graphic for printing onto horse trailers and a Truck so it's going to end up over 1.5 metres in diameter. That's why I am after the font. It needs to be clean lines.

I thank you for your help and those font suggestions. Much Appreciated!

It would be highly unusual that a Graphic Designer would go to that much trouble to create a Logo using all different fonts however. I am a Graphic Designer and I wouldn't.

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I wouldn't either, but it - unfortunately - happens. You're right, for that scale you just can't use vectorization, it will probably never be good enough, unless painstakingly corrected. But searching for a silver bullet font might be longer, than trying to match the fonts and mash them up. I would also made an alternative version with one font (probably Moliere here), and offered it as a more sustainable and cleaner version for the future, rather than carrying over this typeface mess. Last option is only to vectorize those 4 non-matching letters and correct their vectors to be scalable, and place them manually.

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