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ID, Hand written in 1934

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Kevin Thompson

To echo Ralf, the chances of you finding a digital typeface that is a close match to someone's personal, cursive handwriting is slim to none. Is your sample from the US? Canada? The UK? Cursive was taught different ways in different places at different times (Spencerian method, Palmer method)—and every person filtered the method they were taught through their own personal quirks.

Here is a collection of handwriting-derived typefaces: www.oldfonts.com. However, most are of a style that predate your sample by a century or more.

P22 is another type foundry that recreates handwriting as digital typefaces—P22 Declaration Script Pro is a good example, but again, not of the same era as your sample.

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James Sinclair

I know that cannot find font as an exact copy of this hand writing. Probably from someone who was taught writing early 1900s in Australia. Keep looking, may find a font that is close?

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Kevin Thompson

Let me try this again.

I downloaded your images, converted them to grayscale, and enhanced their resolution. I then used those images to search for matches on four different font matching databases. P22 Declaration Script was the one option that most closely resembles your sample, but like the handwriting fonts on www.oldfonts.com it is only similar.

Another option, though not great matches to your sample, would be one of the Bluemlein Scripts—digitizations of alphabets developed for use by commercial hand lettering artists in the 1940s. One of those Bluemlein scripts, Miss Robertson Pro, has a similar vibe to your sample.

I doubt anyone is going to find anything closer than the options I've provided here, for the reasons I stated in the opening paragraph of my first response.

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