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Looking for identification of a font used by a Tiktoker doing penmanship via 3D-printing

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viewing some Tiktoks about 3D-printing I came across someone who used the printer to write words with a pen. The font looks wonderful to me but making a screenshot and feeding various font-finders with the picture (and the perspectively correkted modification) unfortunately did not get me the name of the font. (sure, it was sometimes a close match*, but as one font gets that letter not bad, other letters are way of the goal....) I already asked in the comments of the video, but no response of the auther till now. Maybe you can help. Thanks a lot!

*i.e. (imho): Ginza, Nesobrite,  Design System C, Controller, Kardust, Orbitron, 946


Screenshot_20240214-233808_TikTok bearb.png

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Typical fonts (.ttf/.otf) are “outline fonts” with a mathematical description of a closed area which is then filled. What is shown in the picture is something completely different, as the system actually writes along a single path. So I don’t think you will find a matching outline font. 

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thanks for your reply! that means we need to assume, that the paths of the pen were handmade - so we are looking for the font the creator was inspired by, right? (it feels like thats rather the case then he designed a new font from scratch).

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yes, I wrote a comment + dm to the tiktoker in the first place. when he answers, I post it here.

Orbitron was also on my list of similar fonts, but all fonts I mentioned have clear differences to the font (inspired font) used in the video. letters where differences are most noticeable are especially y, t, s, m (and to some other fonts: a, k, f) - see expamples below.

Ginza: grafik.png.3b9950a364be5342825c0d5ea7a50d2a.png vs. grafik.png.dbd839fed211ad1cbd3d26c2702d446a.png

Nesobrite: grafik.png.10da732f1e9896fdf6ad554d46e8b209.png vs. grafik.png.0559b0d5d06b33229ec868328f6a29e8.png

Design System C :  grafik.png.1f48fcb6b60fd26510586ef46d47c3d2.pngvs. grafik.png.59583f62e4389d03b640faefdb59c177.png

Controller: grafik.png.6b12e435fd3ad746a4f8272da9f6978e.pngvs. grafik.png.7bd9f8a8d81dc4b113717328572e4861.png

Kardust: grafik.png.df942998bb9ba84df475bdb4a63156c2.pngvs. grafik.png.92f6952a312ad9c30bef94a5627d866b.png

Orbitron: grafik.png.25ca3666dd53dc6f8f9e3de1fd5e704d.pngvs.grafik.png.70d33b0f954614c4d75841e33d586dfe.png



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