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Fender Guitars Decal Fonts Late 60s - 70s

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I am currently in the process of making digital artwork for 1968 Fender Stratocaster guitar headstock decal that I want to print for restoration of my guitar. While many details on this decal had to be done manually and there was no problem replicating it (although very time consuming), some text should be added using existing font. However, I am struggling to find exactly what I need.

I attached image of the original headstock decal that I am working on. I need fonts for "STRATOCASTER" and "WITH SYNCHRONIZED TREMOLO" parts.

Currently, I am looking for "STRATOCASTER" font and the best I could find is this: https://www.dafont.com/bebas-neue.font?text=STRATOCASTER&back=theme

But this is not close enough. So you uderstand importance of detail for me - this one is a bit taller than it should be, shape of "\" in "R" is a bit different, spacing between ends in "C" is too small etc.

I decided that I need help and I hope somebody knows the answer. If font is paid, that is no problem for me as long as it looks like on picture.

Also, my English may not be the best, but I think my message is clear enough.

Thanks in advance


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6 hours ago, Les said:

Think you might find something pretty close in the 'Univers' family (also called 'Zurich' by Bitstream).

Thank for response. When it comes to “STRATOCASTER” parts Univers condesed bold actually looks very close. There are few minor details that are wrong but I think I can fix that manually in digital artwork. For example, “O” in original image has flat sides, but Univers condensed is a little bit curved. But this is something I already could work with.


But I am still looking for the “WITH SYNCHRONISED TREMOLO” part font

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I just found perfect one for "STRATOCASTER". This is Univers as suggested by Les above. Thank you Les!

This is the font: [Link removed by admin]

Univers Condensed Bold 700

I put in my artwork and it is absolutely perfect

Still looking for the font for “WITH SYNCHRONISED TREMOLO”

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You are right. "News Gothic" is exactly what I need. Thanks Les, you are the best!

To sum up for anyone who stumbles upon this post, here are correct fonts for this logo:

1) For "STRATOCASTER" Univers Condensed Bold 700 [Link removed by admin]

2) For "WITH SYNCHRONIZED TREMOLO" [Link removed by admin] (although has to be a little bit extruded to make it slightly taller to match)

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