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Trying to identify the Golden Earring (Netherlands band) logo font from their 1982 album, Cut. Possibly never digitized.

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The Netherlands band Golden Earring released an album in 1982 named Cut. On original print runs of the album, the band logo used what appears to be a slab serif font that has a little bit of a 'western' feel to it and on the Netherlands print, they actually printed gold foil for the band name and album title. One thing I noticed is that the capital E in Earring is thinner than the smallcaps E in Golden and the capital G in Golden is thinner than the smallcaps G in Earring.

The logo on the album is italicized, however, using Photoshop, I have slanted it backwards to try and help locate it and have attached the font still italicized as well as the complete album cover. MyFonts can't identify it and I'm guessing that this font has never been digitized, as even subsequent print runs of the album in the digital age use more generic, readily-available fonts for the band logo.

Even if this font has never been digitized, I'd still be interested in knowing if there are any typography books it could be found in as this has become a 'white whale' for me over the years.

Thank you in advance for any help, it's greatly appreciated.





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Kevin Thompson

All I can identify is the word CUT—that is set in Profil, and I initially thought the rest was just the inner portion (no shadow) of the same typeface, vertically compressed, but it is not quite a match.

Sadly, it may be too distorted to trace back to a phototypesetting font. You are probably correct when you say it may not have survived into the digital age.

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