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Looking for one of the fonts used in this ceramic sign

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Hello, in my city there are several streets with this type of typography on ceramic plates. Could someone help identify it? Or at least, I would like to know how to describe it, as I need to analyze; I'm not sure if it's a slab serif - square serif - Egyptian. In addition, those peaks, I'm not sure how to describe them. Sorry I am actually learning.

jose g.jpg

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So, I’m guessing that the city in question is Badajoz, Spain. 

The signage design approach is definitely interesting. 

It is not a slab serif or “Egyptian” as the serif would be optically equal to the strokes in the letterforms. It’s a little bit difficult to classify, as it differs substantially from a classic serif typeface design, but that’s still the closest classification I can think of. It seems to be somewhat influenced by Art Deco. A “monolinear serif art deco inspired typeface” would be my way of describing it. 

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