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I need these fonts to create vector versions of a family's crest and logo.

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I was asked to recreate these two familial items in a vector format : A family crest, and a logo.
For the crest : I'll pentool my way through the banners, leaves and heraldic elements, but for the type, I'd rather use the original fonts, if a digital version exist.

[Edit] I have now found what font was used for the lowercase: Matura MT Std Regular.

Now I need to find the font used for the swash capitals, which doesn't seem to be part of Matura Standard. That said, I don't think the initials were hand-drawn, as the two capital 'D' are quite similar.

For the logo : It looks like a rather basic typeface, but the lack of specific features, the small sample, circular setting, small size, and approximative printing make a precise identification rather difficult (Trying Identifont, I answered 'not sure' to most questions…) I suspect one will need to recognize it intuitively, by feeling.

From the print quality shown in both scans, I'd be surprised if those fonts were less than 20 years old.

If the font are free to download, that would be ideal, but, depending on the price, I might just make a purchase. As a last resort, if I can find a higher resolution sample that I could trace in Illustrator without too much guess work, that could work as well.

Thank you very much, erudite typographers!

Alain Omer Duranceau.




Edited by Duranceau
I just found one of the typefaces used. I added the second sample.
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Bjørn Edvard Torbo

It seems to be part of Matura MT Script Capitals. Please ignore the reference to the Russian font site. We do not endorse websites that paddle commercial fonts as freeware.


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Thank you very much, Bjørn!
That sure takes care of my capitals.
I won’t mark my question as “solved” just yet, as I'm still hoping to get an answer to the “blue text typeface” part of my question…
It reminds me a bit of a ‘blunter’ Benguiat (but I tried it, and it didn’t do: too sharp, wrong ‘K’, wrong apostrophe, etc.)

Thanks again!


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Bjørn Edvard Torbo

My pleasure. Sadly, I have no idea whatsoever about the other one.

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Kevin Thompson

The type set on the circle appears to be Korinna.

The swash K is Mellisa Outline , which sadly has never been digitized (used to be available via Letraset as a dry transfer typeface).

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Fantastic !

That was exactly it. It fits perfectly over my template (except for the new slightly improved kerning, of course) (… which doesn't make that design any nicer).

And just when I was beginning to accept defeat, too.

Thank you very much, Kevin ! 

P.S. : Unfortunately, I could only mark one answer as the solution (and Bjørn was first), but yours is certainly as deserving as his.


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