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Help!!! Font Estrutura V2

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Hello everyone,


Do you know where I can find the typography from the image?

If you know any similar ones, I welcome recommendations.


The image is from a book about typefaces created by Brazilians from 1989 to 2001 that I found at the university.

Despite having the name of the typeface and the author's name, I managed to contact him, but according to him,

this font is not his and possibly could have been an error by the publisher.


I appreciate everyone's help.


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Can't find anything. I would try what Kevin suggested. Unless Marcos Buccini is already the author you've contacted. I've tried a different approach, searching for a Brazilian type designer, that has a similar style. I only found Eduardo Recife. Seems like he enjoys similar "Misprinted Type" style. If it's not Marcos Buccini or Eduardo Recife, it might be a good idea to post any information, from the book, you have. Like original author you've contacted, year when the font was created, or basically any information that is not shown on the picture you posted.

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