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Font used for a clothing designer's logo around 2006-2007

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I'm trying to identify this font used by my girlfriend for her logo around 2006 or 2007. The letters are: h a n q u i s t . She is keen to use the logo again but hasn't kept the font file or any deign file through which I might be able to identify it – only low resolution rasterized Photoshop files. She believes it must have been a free font, most likely off of 1001 Fonts.  To her recollection the spots/spatter around the letters was part of the font. I have scoured the Eroded and Blackletter categories on 1001 Fonts to no avail. I have also tried Whatthefont, Identifont, Whatfontis, FontSquirrel Font Identifier and Photoshop's Match Font but no luck. If this font rings a bell for anyone i would be very happy to hear about it. 


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