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Font from LE REX in Nogent-le-Rotrou (France)'s logo.

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See the picture attached : it's the logo of the movie theatre Le REX owned by the city of Nogent-le-Rotrou. I'm looking to recreate a much higher resolution version of the logo and would need to find the appropriate font. You can reverse google-search it to find a few websites (including ours) using it, but it's mostly a dead-end.

Some ideas, clues, notes :

- Clearly the whole image seems to be using two fonts since the vertical "CINÉMA" uses a different E (no rounded edges..) from the "REX" and "LE" or "NOGENT" texts. At a minimum I need to ID the one used for the REX logo (with the fairly distinctive R and E designs).

This logo would have been designed in ~2010, presumably contracted out by the city as their in-house designer at the time does remember being sent a design brief and is certain he had no part in it. On the other hand, I wouldn't really expect it to be fully custom work seeing as city is unlikely to have shelled out a lot of money for this..

Any lead whatsoever is fine, including commercial fonts obv. 

Thank you so much :)


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I doubt this is particularly useful but here it is, cut in giant metal letters on the facade of the theatre :Nogent-le-Rotrou_-_Cin%C3%A9ma_Rex.JPG

Maybe the "cinéma", different from the logo above, uses the same font this time around? No clue if this helps or makes the search worse haha. 

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Hey! Thank you very much for the suggestions. Mittelschrift is actually what I had ended up with using one of those automated tools online. So you reckon it was - at least in part - a custom job? 

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