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IDing generic Cyrillic font used for government approval stamps

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Hey all,

So, the font in question is the one in this image. Basically, I'm trying to create a novelty stamp for wedding invitations in a Soviet-esque style, but I really want this exact font as  it fits the part. I think this is from a Serbian government office, something of that nature... I've seen other stamps and they basically all use this exact font. 

The closest match I've found is a font called Queen of Clubs, which does look similar-ish but is way more narrow... and the effect is lost somewhat. I've tried all automatic font ID sites, and nothing comes up, and also researched manually heavily... I've been designing for 15 years, and I don't think I've ever actually not been able to ID a font, so this is quite irritating actually. 

Thanks in advance, and if anyone can get it, I'll happily get them a coffee.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 23.04.14.png

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Do you have more samples? With the resolution of this image it’s impossible to identify the font. Or to put it another way: any common sans-serif design will match that if it’s typeset so small or in such a low resolution. You could just use a system font like Helvetica or something like DIN or Bahnschrift for a more geometric feel. 

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