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Looking for the font of this old poster from 1978 (Mindanao)

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Hi everyone!

I hope you could help me with this font.

The name of the poster is "Sining Bayan presents Mindanao: a drama with music on the Moro people's resistance in the Philippines.

I found this at:


It is an old poster and it was published during the 1978.



So this is the word and the letters were M-I-N-D-A-N-A-O (one of the Philippines major islands); I just want to specify it as the D looks like P.

I am looking for a digital version of this. Commercial fonts are acceptable and if there would be a free alternative for this then it would be better. I need it for a certain branding.

Thank you!!! :)

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That is almost certainly hand-lettering. There are some subtle differences which can be seen in PhotoShop between the two /A's and /N's; very slight, but there. Also, 1978 precedes the digital font era by twenty years so I consider it unlikely anyone would have made this into a digital font except for personal use. It is also unlikely that it was a phototype headline font due to limited appeal.

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