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Looking for the font of this Children Band Aldeia Encantada

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The band loose the contact with the person who created the brand last year, they just have this JPG image that the person sent to them a year ago, now I have to recreat the brand to use at the ad material of the band but I have no idea what font they use to do it, so can you please help me to find out?





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After examining the art and spending some time looking through distressed fonts for this exact one, I have come to the conclusion that while there may have been a font in the beginning used as a model, this art has been hand-altered, probably in Photoshop, to an extent that identifying the original model is near to impossible. Witness, as an example, the differences in the /A's -- an indication of manual alteration, and roughly done. It may also have been hand-lettered to begin with, never a font.

You say the band has lost contact with the original person, but do they at least have a name or email address? If so, Google is your best friend to help you find him/her.

As a last resort, my best suggestion is to look through the fonts in the Fancy >Distorted category (url below) to find a suitable alternative. It won't be an exact match but there are several there that have the same feel to them so perhaps you can persuade your client to make the change so they won't have problems going forward.



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