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Unique font from tattoo shop. Faded and difficult to read.

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Just looking for this font to properly touch up tattoo and have for future reference.  I received this in 2008 in Salt Lake City.  The artist of coarse just pulled it off of the internet.  The shop is gone now.  The "U" on the middle finger and "L" on the pinky are quit unique but it feels like this may be more difficult than easy.  It says "Under" (Middle), "Ground" (Ring), "Life" (Pinky).  The "D's" look like a half note with a flag just like in sheet music (except the flag wouldn't be there of coarse).  Besides the first letters everything looks like lowercase except the "F", in my eye it has an uppercase appearance.  I could be way off here but at least some of it reminds me of an Asian style, Chinese or Japanese.   I'v included my own drawing of a few letters just to aid, though I am no artist.



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