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The type specimens of the world in one database …

Looking for the font used in kenichitamura Logo

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It is only similar to Brighton Bold. It isn't just the /R that is different though; the crossbar on the /A and the serifs on the /T have been altered as well. There are several differences in stroke weights among the characters. In general the serifs don't match the look of the serifs in the digital version from ITC.

There really isn't any way to tell if whoever did this logo made the changes or if they are using a font from phototype days produced by a company that did knockoff fonts. Or something more modern done digitally, by an independent.

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Both Kansa and George are correct, it is a logo and the type was certainly based on the face "Brighton Bold". Obviously the designer used it as a foundation and did a couple of little tweaks to adjust it slightly. Easily done in Adobe Illustrator.

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The type specimens of the world in one database
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