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What is the Name of this font? (Italian newspaper)

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Hi! I need to know the Name of this font..whathefont Said that is nimbus roman But the f is different. Is a font used in the headlines of an italian newspaper founded in 1887 But the photo is of a newspaper printed in 1981.

please help me! :)


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Riccardo Sartori

Nimbus Roman is the name of a version of Times New Roman produced by URW++ in 1982.

I don’t know what kind of technology would be employed to print an Italian newspaper in 1981, but the typeface in your sample looks like one of the many variants of Times with a modified |f| (presumably to avoid the need for kerning and/or ligatures).

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George Thomas

Given the year, 1981, most newspapers had moved to photocomposition. While 1981 was late in the game for photocomp, earlier machines had little or no kerning capabilities, especially for the newspaper market. While it is not possible to identify which machine manufacturer this may have come from, the best bet is that it did come from a photocomp machine. If the newspaper was using an older system it might explain the redesigned /f  because later machines had at least some kerning capabilities.

Another thing that might be the reason for the redesigned /f  is that it was a "similar to" design whereby the manufacturer made small changes to some characters in order to avoid royalty payments to the rights holder of the design. It would have been marketed under another name. American manufacturers in particular were famous for using that strategy.

If you have to match the /f exactly (for internal use only), your best bet is to use a font of Times Bold (which I think it is), a font editor, and generate your own font by redesigning the /f. Be sure that your font license allows such alterations though.

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