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Font from 1950s Theology/Philosophy Journal (The Thomist)

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Greetings!  : I am newbie looking both to identify this font and to find something that approximates it for us in a print format; probably since this journal was typeset the match will only be (very lol) approximate.  I don't know exactly why but I just love looking at it and reading it.  

Thomist Font-4.jpg

Also, the second image is from a very recent (and presumably not type-set) academic volume (2017) - I also like this font and find it somewhat similar.  Maybe that 2nd font - whatever it is? - might be a good candidate.  

Bonnette Font.jpg

Thanks for reading and any insight you may have!  



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Thanks!  Any suggestions on a family of fonts or particular font which is available and that has that "look" - I know this is probably quite subjective.  

P.S., is the second sample type-set?  It appears to have been published in 1972 - though it was printed in 2017.  

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