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Looking for this "adidas" logo look-alike font found in a naming website Namelix

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James Lo

Hi all, I recently came across this font on a website call namelix 


It allows you to choose a font for a name it generated.

So I randomly type in a name, and try to choose a font, and I came across this font that I would really like to have it for designing purpose in the future. 

(You can reach the font after randomly typing in a name, then choose font, then click Geometric Sans-serif, and you can see it in the middle of the 3rd row)

(Buying the logo from that website should not solve the problem as they should be offering the logo in PNG format, instead of the original AI files etc., which doesn't help in finding out what kind of font it is)

Am trying to look for a digital version of the font where I can download it, Commercial fonts are fine, but would be great if there is a free alternative that looks similar to the font.



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George Thomas

There are fonts out there with this same general look and I encourage you to look for a different one. This particular font, on a quality scale of 1 to 10, is at best a 2. Don't perpetuate low quality; you and your clients deserve better.

Look on dafont.com for free/shareware/donationware fonts; fontsquirrel.com for free fonts, and fontspring.com for commercial fonts. There are other sites that have free fonts too but often they are pirated copies of commercial fonts.

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Hi James, this is a neato design for a typeface, but the font has a lot of spacing issues and some places where the shapes are a little odd. I generally see free fonts with issues like this on sites like dafont, so I'd suggest Google Fonts as I find their offerings are more design- and technically-competent, and also gratis. Either way, though, if this is just for a logo I think it's appropriate to do as George says and find a similar font. I would even go so far as to make the tweaks you want in the logo if you don't find a satisfactory match, and use a complimentary typeface, even if it's not a perfect match. You may even be able to make the spacing a shape corrections that way.

If you found a font like Century Gothic, Avant Garde, or Twentieth Century—admittedly all commercial fonts—you may be able to get away with this approach; heck, even Futura looks like it has some similar bones to the example you provided and with some tweaks (remove the dot on the i, make the end of the ascenders tilted, etc.) you could easily provide this logo to a client.

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