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Looking for the two fonts used by this San Luis Obispo grocery store that opened in the 2010s

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This logo used by "California Fresh Market" contains the two fonts I am looking for. I am looking for the fonts that are used for "California Market" and "Fresh". This specific store opened in 2016 and is part of a chain along with another store known as "El Rancho Market" however that has a different design. I am looking for the specific font, if it can't be found then I am fine with free alternatives.

My lack of success in finding these fonts leads me to believe it may be original artwork, but they have changed the colors so I feel they are fonts you can download. I have also reached out to the store to ask if they know but have not received a response yet.

https://www.californiafreshmarket.com/ (LOGO SOURCE)

https://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaFreshMarket/posts/press-release-for-immediate-distributioncalifornia-fresh-market-announces-new-sl/1155751587789931/ (STORE ANNOUNCEMENT)



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Kevin Thompson

Fresh is Kaufmann, with an elongated stem on the F.

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