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Fonts on cover of 1967 Psychedelic coloring book

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I'm trying to identify every font used on the cover of this 1967 cartoon and coloring book, made at Millbrook, New York. So far, I've got:

"History" = Blavicke

"Alpert, Leary and Metzner Experiment..." = Futura DemiBold

"Neo-American Church Catechism..." = Claudius

Can anyone help with:

"of the" = ?

"Psychedelic" = ?

"Movement" (decorative initial M and lowercase) = Lowercase letters unidentified. The ornamental M is probably from a series identified as “Composite Capitals, 1889” in the book Initials and Decorative Alphabets by Stiebner and Urban, but that book only shows letters A-H. Does anybody know of a book that has all the letters?  

"Cartoon and Coloring Book/$2.00/Including a review of the" = ?

Any leads much appreciated. Digital would be ideal but reference to print would also be great.



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I don’t think that “Psychedelic” is a typeface, I can see little differences between the two “E” and the two “C”.

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You're right, they're different. Thanks!

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Riccardo Sartori
17 minutes ago, Les said:

'of the' may be 'Consort' from Red Rooster

Yes, it looks like a condensed style of Clarendon (as Consort is), but the sides of the letters in the sample appear to be straighter.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a digital version light enough to match the sample.

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Thank you!

Update: Decorative Alphabets and Initials by Alexander Nesbitt (Dover, 1959) has the full set of 1889 initials, reprinted from "Schriften Atlas, a collection made by Ludwig Petzendorfer, Verlag von Julius Hoffmann, Stuttgart 1889".

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