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Font Suggestion Wanted

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Hello All,

First post here!

I am creating a new brand for a household product, and I'm in the beginning stages of branding.

I would love some suggestions for font usage.

As mentioned, the product will be a household product, and the thoughts/feelings I would like to convey are:

  • clean
  • fresh
  • modern
  • convenient
  • compact
  • discreet
  • citrus (scent)
  • pure 
  • simple
  • sanitary

Without giving away too much info, the brand name is 2 words, first with 2 letters, second with 4.

Any input or suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks all!

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The question is still way too open I’m afraid. There are hundreds of fonts from many categories which would fit that request. And the type choice in such a case is just one puzzle piece of the whole brand design and can hardly be though of independently from the rest. So you need to narrow it down a lot further first or even better: present sketches of options to judge and comment. Our Show forum is meant for things like that and is hidden from search engines. 

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