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Font feedback / critique

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Hi Guys,

Ive been working on my own handwriting font for some time now (it still needs work on it and some kerning)and would like to get some opinions/ feedback on it and any comments on how commercially viable it might be. It is extensive in its variety of letters and also has Greek capability.

Many thanks


Neils handwriting sample1.jpg

Neils handwriting ClassicalGreek1.jpg

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Hi Ralf,

Many thanks for your comment. Yes I really ought to make alternatives for each number.

Do you know of any/many other fonts that are similar to this. I know there are alot that say they are handwriting in style but there is quite a lot of repetition in them. Although that can be said for the greek side of my font, I think the English side is on the verge of looking handwritten.

On another note, I have just upgraded to Fontlab 5 from 4.6 (4.6 was used for this font) and I am having trouble with some of the coding I did in 4.6 to make it work in 5. I am only an font enthusiast and dont have the extensive knowledge that a professional has.  It is mainly to do with the language aspect of it, I believe. Should I post the problem here or would it be better elsewhere. Hopefully, it will be a quick fix.

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15 minutes ago, neilE1970 said:

Do you know of any/many other fonts that are similar to this.

Not so much for the style, but notable for the use of alternates, out of the top of my head, in no particular order:

28 minutes ago, neilE1970 said:

I really ought to make alternatives for each number

You should also do it for punctuation.

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Hi Riccardo,

Many thanks for your compliment much appreciated. Thanks also for the links to the other fonts, I will definitely check them out.

The style is my own handwriting so I suppose it would be difficult to be similar to that. At the moment, this font contains around 970 glyphs (33 s connections) and about 4000 kerning pairs as well as 51 pages(double spaced) opentype code.

It started in 1996 and has slowly developed. Im actually a sculptor!


Many thanks again.

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