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British Airways route map font

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Hi there, 

I'm looking for an accurate identification of the font used for the place names on this map. 

It's a photograph of the interactive route map (on the screen in front of the seat) on a British Airways flight from Calgary to London Heathrow. 

It looks like a lot of fonts but, for example, the capital G differs from many of the obvious matches. 

I need a definitive ID based on all the letters here. 

Thanks very much for your time. 


Angikuni lake.jpg

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Thanks very much Riccardo. 

I'd really like to be able to use Mylius Modern, but I can't find any links to buy or download it. 

Can anyone possibly help me out with a link, or if Mylius Modern isn't available, a link to a close match? 



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George Thomas

"It is a version of Mylius (called Mylius Modern I believe) that was created specifically for BA so you won't be able to (legally) get it anywhere."

That quote is from a forum dedicated to airplane enthusiasts, many of whom have been asking "where can I get Mylius" for the last ten to twelve years.

It isn't going to happen because it's proprietary. If you found it and used it you could find yourself with legal problems, and no font is worth that.

Someone on Typophile suggested Albertus or Optima Bold as a useful alternative.

Beware: there are numerous sites that use the names "Mylius" or "Mylius Modern" as clickbait to lure you into downloading... something. Don't do it. They don't have the font, never did.

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Riccardo Sartori
16 hours ago, kriminel99 said:

I can't find any links to buy or download it. 

What George said.

16 hours ago, kriminel99 said:

a link to a close match? 

As most of the custom corporate typefaces, Mylius has a number of characteristics and quirks that set it apart from conventional retail fonts. In my experience, what I consider to be similar will be different to what you or someone else do, depending on which of those quirks one sees as defining the design.

That said, after a cursory search, here’s a list of typefaces that could be considered similar in terms of overall shape:

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