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20 Mac Text Editing Shortcuts You Should Start Using

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They can be extremely helpful and speed up your work with text, but still, many professional text users only use the most basic shortcuts. This visual guide makes it easy to understand and learn the Mac shortcuts for text navigation and selection. Learn to master your keyboard and see how fast and easy you can edit text without even the need to reach out for your mouse!

Since the shortcuts might differ between apps, the overview focuses on regular, OS-compatible shortcuts (of text processing and layout apps like InDesign), and Mac-specific apps (like TextEdit, Safari, Pages). If the shortcuts for the latter differ from the former, they are shown in red. 


1. Viewport jump


2. Page jump


3. Jump to the start or end of a line


4. Jump one word to the left or right — note, that the cursor will ignore spaces and land at the beginning of words


5. Jump one paragraph down


6. Jump one paragraph up


7. Jump to the start of the current text flow


8. Jump to the end of the current text flow


9. Select a character to the left or right


10. Select words to the left of the cursor


11. Select words to the right of the cursor


12. Select from cursor to the start of the line


13. Select from cursor to the end of the line


14. Select line until the character above or below the cursor


15. Select from cursor to start of paragraph


16. Select from cursor to end of paragraph


17. Select from the cursor to the start of the text flow


18. Select from the cursor to the end of the text flow


19. Delete the word to the left of the cursor — until now you were hitting delete for every character, weren’t you?


20. Delete the word to the right of the cursor

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