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Traffic Sign Typefaces: Tratex (Sweden)

Ralf Herrmann

Some notes on the typeface used on Swedish road signs.

The swedish typeface for traffic signs is called Tratex and was designed by Karl-Gustav Gustafson and modified by Chester Bernsten. Tratex is available in 4 styles.



The first one is called Svart (“Black”):


Vit (“White”). It has an increased spacing to compensate the overglow effect.


PosVersal (“Positive Caps”):


NegVersal (“Negavite Caps”). Identical to PosVersal, but with increased spacing:


Swedish signs are mostly set in all caps. This seems to be a common practice in all Scandinavian countries.


Signs with lowercase letters seemed to be reserved for local targets and tourist information signs.



You can download the Tratex fonts from here. A better commercial version is offered by URW++, but they only have one style.

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