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  • Typography Weekly #59

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      Font of the Month Club

      “Join the Font of the Month Club and get a fresh new font delivered to your inbox every single month! Each font is lovingly designed and produced by David Jonathan Ross.”


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      The Capital Sharp S in now part of the official German orthography

      The Council for German Orthography published a new 2017 version of the German orthography. Among the changes is the inclusion of the Capital Sharp S. The German alphabet is now finally complete.


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Coquette 2.0

      Mark Simonson: “Over the years I've noticed that sometimes designers don't seem to like the little blobs I put on some of the characters, such as the b and o, so they remove them. Coquette 2.0 includes these alternate forms.”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Can Emoji Be Gender-Inclusive?

      Paul D. Hunt: “To have true gender equality, we would need to think about how to provide representation for people who do not have a binary gender identity.”


      Riccardo Sartori

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      PRINT Magazine Summer 2017 | The Typography Issue

      “This typography issue, with cover photo by John Keatley and typography by Louise Fili, is a bit different from past editions. Here, we dive into the turning tides of typography. Throughout the issue you’ll find voices advocating for ‘the strict adherence to classic terms,’ while others advocate for everyone to ‘lighten up.’”


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      Left-Handed Brush Lettering: How To Get Started

      An extensive article by Alma Hoffmann.


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      Ten features for topnotch text fonts

      “Most features for improving the legibility of typefaces are not yet scientifically proved and most of them are more a question of readability – the typographical treatment of text – not a question of the typeface’s design. Anyhow we would like to introduce you to some features you should look for when choosing typefaces for text.”


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      Pedro Mascarenhas

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      Align Vertical Mono Released

      Align Vertical Mono gives the designer the ability to align and connect the letters vertically.


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      Joe Graham

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      New from G-Type: Remora Sans & Corp

      “G-Type's ambitious new type family Remora is a fresh and versatile sans serif in 2 styles and 5 widths totalling 140 individual fonts.”


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