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  • FiraGO: a new version of Fira Sans with extensive script coverage

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    FiraGO is a new fork of Fira Sans supporting Arabic, Devanagari, Georgian, Hebrew and Thai. With this script support, FiraGO catches up with other global Open Source typefaces such as Noto.


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    Many thanks for sharing.

    Both fonts: FiraGO as well as Noto need correction.

    Regarding the supported Jawi script , the stand-alone character Hamza has to take two (2) different positions: one on the baseline and another up to 3/4 Alif as can be seen by transliterating the word "kuih-muih" at http://rumi-to-jawi.appspot.com the output of which is attached in JawiUthmanTahaTTF.pdf. More examples can be seen at this website http://www.utusanmelayu.com.my/ and the attached BungaBahasa.PDF. 

    Emphasizing, Hamza in Jawi script goes up to 3/4 height of Alif only when followed by Waw, Ya, and Noon.

    Hope the attached font JawiUthmanTaha.ttf can be tested with help of the latest Jawi Keyboard found in the attached Jawi17.zip. 

    2. Making use of Telegram? https://telegram.org/ 

    Please go explore my files at https://t.me/FonJawi .

    Happy exploring!





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    In addition to the previous correction, I would like to add that the dotted Gaf should be made to look like dotless Kaf.

    ڬڬڬ ڬ ککک ک

    Regards in anticipation of the coming version of FiraGo

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