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  • Typography Weekly #77

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      Taschen reprints the Gutenberg Bible

      Published in Mainz around 1454, the Gutenberg Bible was the first major Western publication to be printed with movable metal type, ushering in a whole new age of knowledge distribution through mass-produced books. This fascimile edition derives from one of the very few surviving complete vellum Latin originals worldwide; the Göttingen Library edition, one of the most valuable books in the world, listed in the UNESCO Memory of the World program.


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      Font Purchasing Habits Survey 2018

      “Take the 2018 Font Purchasing Habits Survey to share your font preferences and purchasing habits. After completing the survey, you will receive a pack of 15 fonts for free.”


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      Veltro, the greyhound’s chase

      In this article, adapted from «TipoItalia» 3, De Franceschi deals with the popular Italian script face and shows more samples of its use


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      Are two spaces better than one? A response to new research

      An article by Matthew Butterick, responding to the study “Are two spaces bet­ter than one? The ef­fect of spac­ing fol­low­ing pe­ri­ods and com­mas dur­ing read­ing”, writ­ten by Re­becca John­son, Becky Bui, and Lind­say Schmitt.


      Riccardo Sartori

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      Kernit. A free typeface inspired by the work of Jim Henson

      Kernit is a typeface inspired by the work and characters created by the late Jim Henson. It was developed as part of the initial design exploration for The Jim Henson Exhibition at The Museum of the Moving Image in New York City.


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      Browser-based font inspection tool Wakamai Fondue launched

      This tools by Pixel Ambacht shows font meta data, the character set, OpenType features, and generates CSS code for web use.


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