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  • Typography Weekly #87

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      92 IN ONE, Exclusive Fonts Bundle

      “92 fonts for $15. You'll get a wide range of styles from script to sans to display, as well as OpenType Features and a slew of bonuses such as vector illustrations and texture images.”


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      New book lettering Skillshare class with Jessica Hische

      “Love lettering, illustration, and the wide world of books? Join lettering and illustration icon Jessica Hische for a stunning, in-depth class all about creating lettered book covers in Procreate!”


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      RoboFont 3.2 was released

      Support for Mac OS 10.14, work on the Extensions infrastructure, the Glyph Editor is faster and includes many small improvements, …


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      DSType releases Jornada with 9 subfamilies

      “A super type family that is also a journey through the world of type classifications.”


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      Designing the new Doctor Who brand

      João Miranda shares details about the current Doctor Who design that was created with the agency LittleHaw for BBC.


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      Microsoft’s fonts catch out another fraudster

      “You'd think that people forging documents would have learned by now.”


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      Type design science: Horizontal Is Perceived as Thicker than Vertical

      “We report two psychophysical experiments that investigate a visual illusion that is considered common knowledge among type designers, but has never been studied scientifically. Specifically, the thickness of a horizontal line is overestimated in relation to that of a vertical line.”


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      Support Letterink on Kickstarter

      Drawing strokes with outlines might be tedious. Draw strokes with brush and Letterink will translate it to clear well-plotted outlines.
      In addition, it comes with extra features like various brush shapes, smart skeleton components and stroke styles that makes complex font making much faster.


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