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View the Gitan Latin type family designed by Florian Runge and get the free trial fonts
  • Typography Weekly #117

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      Best Fonts of 2021 at Fontspring

      “We’ve searched through the font families that debuted on Fontspring in 2021 and we’ve chosen 50 of our favorites.”


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      Free lettering master class with Martina Flor

      This free masterclass cuts right to the chase and reveals exactly how Martina was able to learn and master the art of hand-lettering, showing you how you can do the same right now.


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      Unicode 14 has been released

      Unicode 14.0 adds 838 characters, for a total of 144,697 characters. These additions include 5 new scripts, for a total of 159 scripts, as well as 37 new emoji characters.


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      Safari 15.4 adds support for color font palettes

      WebKit added support for the font-palette CSS property and @font-palette-values rule. The font-palette property provides a way for web developers to select one of several different pre-defined color palettes contained inside a color font.


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      Riccardo Sartori

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      Type Trends Report 2022, by the Monotype Studio

      The type trends for 2022 according to Monotype. Also available as a webinar and downloadable report.


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      ILT Font Fashion Week

      Font Fashion Week is a series of free online events organized by I Love Typography to celebrate the latest trends in international type design.


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      Fontspring has been sold

      Creative Market Labs, Inc., running Creative Market, purchased the Fontspring assets on 2022-01-28. Creative Market itself was bought by Dribbble (Dribbble Holdings Ltd.), which itself belongs to Tiny Capital.



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      Variable Fonts: Variations on a theme

      For the next few months, Type Network is going to take some in-depth looks at the still-developing world of variable fonts from a number of different perspectives, from the technical to the creative.


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