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  2. What font is this, please? (finess)

    Everything but the first f (and the phone number, obviously) are Alex Brush, a Google web font. The f appears to be Candlescript Pro with a custom/beefed up crossbar.....
  3. Web Typography

    Typography is what comes between the author and the reader. This is as true on the web as it is in any other medium. If a text has anything at all significant to say, it needs a typographer’s care, which will in turn be repaid by the reader’s attention. If you design websites or use CSS then you are a typographer whether you know it or not. This book is a practical guide and companion reference to all aspects of typography on the web. It deftly combines implement­ation details with typographic theory, and is ideal for designers, developers and anyone else involved in the process of creating a website. The book is available ebook and paperback book.
  4. Which font is this, please.

    Wow... Perfect! Thank you so much!
  5. Which font is this, please.

    Appears to be Mrs. Blackfort, by Sudtipos.
  6. what font is this? (I look like a fool)

    As per our forum rules, can you please provide more background information about the sample(s) you provided.
  7. Geometric Display Type Design

    Interestingly, I did the letters from scratch. I drew basic geometric shapes that I've connected/joined. S and G were the biggest problems for me. When I do half circles for S, it looks like some item from a Sci-Fi movie/game, I might need to give it a second thought. For the numbers, which we don't really need actually but it would be nice to have, I've used regular font (Futura) and filled the counters and then modified the vectors a bit. I know it is lazy a bit. Maybe I can try to improve them. Thanks for the feedback Ralph, much appreciated.
  8. Geometric Display Type Design

    And regarding the design: It’s fine for this type of font, but in my opinion there is room for improvement regarding the consistency of the pieces. It looks like it started with a regular font and then counters were filled – instead of designing it from simplified pieces outwards. You could take simple geometric shapes and start with that. Just one example: cutting a circle in half gives you two geometric shapes to create a better S design. And those pieces could then be reused in other glyphs such as the figure 3 …
  9. Go Haim Or Go Home font?

    Plaza Ultra.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Go Haim Or Go Home font?

    I've supplied as many examples as I can- this t-shirt has been out for about 3 years now. I'm trying to design a desktop wallpaper with the same design. Thanks!!
  12. Island Lodge Hotel

    https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/letters-numbers/olivier/ https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/yanone-kaffeesatz
  13. Island Lodge Hotel

    Dear Typography Guru - Could you please help me figure out the fonts for the Island Lodge Logo? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  14. Hand-lettered, and I don't think based on a particular font. Notice the trapping too, indicative of a professional graphics person.
  15. “Pelago is a semi-formal sans-serif type family with a crisp contemporary appearance and an understated elegance that lends itself to wide range of applications, ranging from the most demanding text-based web and print communication to expressive display work.”
  16. What font is this? (White Rum)

  17. Last week
  18. Geometric Display Type Design

    No, the option was greyed out. Not sure why. Edit: I can now. I am not sure what was the problem
  19. Geometric Display Type Design

    You don’t see a Start new Topic button here? https://typography.guru/forums/forum/51-type-design-topics/
  20. Geometric Display Type Design

    Hello everyone, I have been designing a custom typeface that I intend to use for a branding. The typeface would be used only internally and would not be sold or distributed in any way. The goal is to have letters (that are not too obvious) from solid filled basic geometric shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles etc. I only need capital letters but then I thought numbers might come handy. Overall I am happy with the look of the letters but the numbers can be improved as some look out of place. Some feedback would be really appreciated. I have attached Illustrator screen grab. I intend to import the letters in Glyphs and tweak them there. This is my first attempt to create type in some form... In the past, I have created custom letters for branding but never full alphabet. P.S. I am not sure why I am not allowed to create posts in the type design forum even though I am a member. Therefore I will post here and the admins can move it in the right section.
  21. What font is this? (White Rum)

    It's cropped out of an old image I had designed once by someone however never got the name of the font and have lost touch with this said person and need a name for the font asap.
  22. What font is this? (White Rum)

    As per our forum rules, can you please provide more background information about the sample(s) you provided.
  23. What font is this? (White Rum)

    Would really like to know what typeface was used in this image.
  24. Wood Type Customs

    Wood Type Customs is part of Delia and Tudor’s Petrescu Press initiative. As architectural restorers, passionate about letterpress printing, they want to preserve the history and craft of printing. The company works to recreate the tools needed in the printing process, facilitating the access for graphic designers and fine arts printers, to these necessary means.
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