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  2. What Font Is This

    "Concept" appears to be hand-lettered; "Construction" is Eurostile Extended; "Services, Inc." is Brush Script. Both fonts available from myfonts.com as well as other vendors.
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  4. “G-Type's ambitious new type family Remora is a fresh and versatile sans serif in 2 styles and 5 widths totalling 140 individual fonts.”
  5. Johannes Bergerhausen at TEDxVienna Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen born 1965 in Bonn, Germany, studied Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. From 1993 to 2000, he lived and worked as a designer in Paris. First he collaborated with the Founders of Grapus, Gérard Paris-Clavel and Pierre Bernard, then he founded his own office. In 1998 he was awarded a grant from the French Centre National des Arts Plastiques for a typographic research project on the ASCII-Code. He returned to Germany in 2000 and, since 2002, is Professor of Typography and Book Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz. Lectures in Amiens, Beirut, Berlin, Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, London, Malta, Paris, Prague, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Sofia, Weimar. Since 2004, he is working on the decodeunicode.org project, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which went online in 2005. Semester of research 2007 in Paris. He received many design awards like RedDot, Type Directors Club of New York, ADC, iF, Best German Books and more. In 2011, together with Siri Poarangan, he published »decodeunicode — Die Schriftzeichen der Welt«, a repertoire of the world's 109,242 digital characters. In 2012, he was awarded with the Designpreis in Gold of the Federal Republic of Germany. He is currently working on a digital cuneiform font.
  6. “Both kindly and commanding, a neighbourly slab serif that sees the best in others.”
  7. TypeCon 2017 in August in Boston

    “We’ve been putting the finishing touches on this year’s conference program and are very excited to share a preview of what to expect this summer in Boston.”
  8. Berg Racing USA 1998 Logo Font Ident.

    Annlie is another option for the B.
  9. Berg Racing USA 1998 Logo Font Ident.

    For Berg Racing USA, Syntax Ultra Black, artificially italicized comes close. But perhaps a better match is another typeface inspired by Syntax, called Big Bag NF. Bodoni Black Italic may have been customized to create the B.
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  11. What Font Is This

    Need helping finding this font or a very similar font!
  12. Hi Please can you help identify the font used in the 'Berg Racing USA' logo. One of the final pieces to a 1998 Kawasaki rebuild project and I need to make sure every detail is perfect. If anyone knows the font that would be really helpful. Apologies I can't provide a better image. Thanks
  13. Font used in 'the big short'

    Greg is very close, but look at the lowercase “a” though. I believe it is closer to New Century Schoolbook:
  14. Exchange by Frere-Jones Type released

    Thanks for your thoughts! I guess that nails it! But nevertheless I wonder a bit why these edges are still in the standard fonts and not only in the so called microplus sizes. But okay at 10 pt you will probably not recognize them.
  15. Inkwell, a type family for expressive writing

    Inkheart by Fenotype, MyFonts debut: Feb 16, 2016 Okay, maybe another level but nevertheless kind of question marks in my mind: almost the same name, almost the same style.
  16. Inkwell, a type family for expressive writing

    Rather pretty little collection for which I can see a lot of potential uses. Why do wine labels spring to mind :) ?
  17. TypeCon 2017 Boston

    TypeCon is an annual conference presented by the non-profit Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA), an international organization dedicated to the promotion, study, and support of typography and related arts. We’ve been putting the finishing touches on this year’s conference program and are very excited to share a preview of what to expect this summer in Boston. From August 23rd through 27th, some of the most influential names in type and design will be descending on Beantown. Along with a jam-packed main program, other events include the Type & Design Education Forum, the keynote presentation by Martina Flor, the popular Type Quiz hosted by Allan Haley, the SOTA Silent Auction, drinks and noshes at the SOTA Spacebar, plus several international type exhibitions. Workshops, presentations, panel discussions, networking events, tours, and other social gatherings will round out nearly a week’s worth of typographic adventures and inspiration. Confirmed Speakers Peter Bella Nancy Bernardo Scott Boms Jason Campbell Spencer Charles Jillian Coorey Lucas Czarnecki Carolina de Bartolo Meaghan Dee Jonathan Dobres Petra Dočekalová John Downer Stéphane Elbaz Rachel Elnar Caleb Fairres Martina Flor Danielle Foushée Laura Franz Tyler Galloway James Grieshaber Allan Haley Ryan Hamrick Masataka Hattori Franz Hoffman Amelia Hugill-Fontanel Mark Jamra Richard Kahwagi Bruce Kennett Joyce Ketterer Akira Kobayashi Mike LaJoie Yoon Soo Lee Andrea Leksen Briar Levit Grendl Löfkvist Frances MacLeod Geri McCormick Jennifer McKnight Tucker McLachlan Regina Milan Wei Ming Ana Monroe Aoife Mooney Meta Newhouse Linh O’Briant Constanza Pacher Jason Pamental Hrant Papazian Neil Patel Yves Peters Mary Catherine Pflug Thomas Phinney Jill Pichotta Jean François Porchez Charllotte Yue Qin Frank Romano John Roshell David Jonathan Ross Judy Safran-Aasen Ramakrishna Saiteja Ina Saltz Catherine Schmidt Lisa Schultz Alessandro Segalini Georg Seifert Reneé Seward Paul Shaw David Shields Radek Sidun Elizabeth Carey Smith Perrin Stamatis Sumner Stone James Walker Douglas Wilson Qiu Yin Lynne Yun http://www.typecon.com
  18. “A tiny universe of fonts that combines the informality of handwriting, the expressiveness of lettering, and the versatility of type.”
  19. What is this calligraphy style font?

    One of the Brandon fonts from HvD probably. download at MyFonts
  20. What is this calligraphy style font?

    Any ideas on the smaller sans serif font to the main text below the calligraphy? Thank you
  21. What font is this? (Pure Flow)

    Thanks, Kevin! You're a great help.
  22. What font is this? (Pure Flow)

    I suspect you're having trouble finding it because someone played with the proportions of the original typeface. It appears to be a customization (horizontally stretched and vertically compressed) Dom Diagonal Bold.
  23. Exchange by Frere-Jones Type released

    I also found their blog post about the design very interesting: https://frerejones.com/blog/decompiled-and-remixed-history-the-making-of-exchange
  24. Exchange by Frere-Jones Type released

    Wow! I'm quite enamored with this design. At first, I was skeptical about the rough-cut internal corners, just as you were @R::bert, but having printed out the specimen and looked at it more closely, I think it works really well at the smaller print sizes (where those lower-frequency features become the main structure). At display sizes, they do seem a bit out of place to me because they no longer serve their function. I wonder if Tobias would consider a Display size that either smooths those out or removes them altogether. Would be a fit optical companion! Also, a nice use of ink traps to ensure acute corners (like on the /p) are still white at even very small sizes. And bravo on the hinting! The demos on their site look exceptional at all display sizes on the screen. Would be interested to know how much was manually done.
  25. Hi. I'm new here and came to this site because I really need to identify this font. I cannot find it to popular font websites. Please, help.
  26. Unique lowercase "y" with KanzleiLight

    Which is a normal traditional blackletter shape. I guess the other example is just using a tweaked version of the same font to make it more legible.
  27. Can anyone identify the font used for the lowercase "y" character in the chapter titles of the current Pearl Games rulebook for Troyes (found here)? Examples are the word "Gameplay" on page 4 and "Activity Cards" on page 9. The PDF properties suggest the font used is KanzleiLight and that is a 99% match, but that font's lowercase "y" is more suggestive of a latin lowercase "n". I have provided a comparison of the font (blue on white background) and rulebook (brown on striped background). Bonus credit if you can identify the "y" used in the logo as that is slightly different from either of the above and is actually the preferred form. But I suspect this is a hand-drawn logo as there are several other differences from KanzleiLight.
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