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  2. Caffe Capri sign font

    can someone help me identify this font?
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  4. ANSWERED Can someone ID this font for me? (TMS)

    Hey man, thank you so much, this seems to be it!!
  5. ANSWERED Bulk Container font

    Thanks, Riccardo!
  6. ANSWERED Bulk Container font

    Lost Type Co-op’s Homestead.
  7. Hello Do you happen to know this font? Thank you in advance!
  8. Asked my client for more pictures. Has anyone an idea?
  9. I'm looking for a font like this (Those little things)

    Some are here:
  10. Yesterday
  11. ANSWERED "Our Mission" font for company website

    On the Google Fonts Blog there is a post listing the most recently updated typefaces in their collections.
  12. Neue or Next would be good. I just compared the two versions and there are so many changes... a good way to ruin a typographer's day.
  13. hi everyone I feel like the linked image is hand written but nevertheless I am looking for a font that is close to that kind of style can anyone help? many thanks
  14. ANSWERED "Our Mission" font for company website

    Before Google fonts were directly accessible via most font management software (like Extensis Suitcase), there were ad hoc methods of downloading the entire library to your hard drive and updating it manually. I've occasionally IDed typefaces (accurately) as an older version of a current Google font, only to have it pointed out to me that the current Google Fonts version is not a match (Vernon Adam’s Oswald is a good example). We need version numbers, or at least a Neue or a Next in the name, to help distinguish them....
  15. ANSWERED "Our Mission" font for company website

    Ops. Of course you both are right.
  16. ANSWERED "Our Mission" font for company website

    Sorry, but the code of this template doesn’t lie—it is Roboto Condensed Bold, but the sample Riccardo posted seems to be an older version. Try the preview at this link.
  17. Nope, not Roboto. Dots on the /i are round. /O has slightly curved sides also. Otherwise very, very close.
  18. ANSWERED "Our Mission" font for company website

    Roboto Condensed Bold:
  19. Hello! What is the "Our Mission" font in the screenshot? The font is built into our website as a part of the Charity-Home theme from Themeforest, and I'm trying to choose the right font for consistency's sake since it isn't listed in the basic information/coding of the website. If you need the link, please request it. I am not really allowed to show the website for CCHS yet since we are building it on the down low before releasing it to the public. Thanks- -Colleen
  20. ANSWERED Can someone ID this font for me? (TMS)

    Try: Bitsumishi: https://www.dafont.com/de/bitsumishi.font?fpp=100&text=TMS Commercial with many styles: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/cheapprofonts/bitsumishi-pro-v2/
  21. I spent hours and hours looking for this font online, but have not found it to this today. Background: someone created this for me around 10 years go in C4D, but I never asked what font it was and have no ways of contacting this person again.. Unfortunately the only picture I have of it is in 3D. I will be forever grateful!
  22. Hello, For a client i'm looking for this font. If you have any idea, please tell me. I'm sorry for the distance of this picture. Greets, Robbin
  23. Looking for a close match to leather stamp set

    Yes, the rounding is due to stamping on leather. But since @samesurynck pointed to a rounded font, I assumed that was the style needed.
  24. ANSWERED font name (Unicorn’s Horn)

    Fantastic! Many thanks! Thank you very much to everybody!
  25. Looking for a close match to leather stamp set

    If enlarged in PS they don't appear to be rounded, just the regular version. I wonder if the Chinese manufacturer has a license from Monotype to produce that product?
  26. Last week
  27. Looking for a close match to leather stamp set

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a Narrow Rounded style: download at MyFonts
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