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  3. Help for this font

    Lettering, not a typeface. You can perhaps find something suitable looking for "concave", or other similar keywords.
  4. Founders grotesk

    It is sold exclusively via Klim Type Foundry (Kris Sowersby) at: In addition to the main family, there are also Condensed, ExtraCondensed, Text, and Mono families
  5. Founders grotesk

    hey everyone, I'm a student at ArtCenter College of Design and I was wondering if anyone could help me find the Founders Grotesk type family. Thanks :)
  6. Yesterday
  7. Opinions on justification

    Good copywriting is always a good idea, not just on the web! Hyphenation is a must for any justified text from well before Gutenberg (that’s one reason why ebook readers that force justified text without hyphenation are [insert expletive here]). On the other hand, for ragged text, automatic hyphenation could, at times, produce unwanted or less than ideal results.
  8. Opinions on justification

    Since most installed browsers support hyphenation, I do not see any reason to turn it off. Especially on smart phones it enables the reader to grasp more text per line. Thus the number of jumps to the next line and time spent on scrolling goes down. Readers may thus read faster and with more comfort. Therefore I think that hyphenation is of advantage to the reader, especially when text is set justified.
  9. Good sans serif pair for Cambria?

    Why would Cambria not be OK for printed material? The designer, Jelle Bosma did not design it to be used on screen in particular. After all, Cambria is more or less a redesign of Forlane, a typeface he designed for Scangraphic around 1990. We both worked at that company at that time. The similarity with Source Sans is interesting! By the way, Cambria Math is used for all ISO-Standards since a few years and national standard-organisations are currently switching to publishing their standards using Cambria Math as well. DIN started to switch to Cambria Math in 2016. An enormous progress when compared with the previous hodgepodge of Arial for text, Times for formulas and the like and Isonorm for lettering in technical drawings. The only thing I do not like about Cambria Math is that the descending strokes of the old style figures 3, 4 and 5 are terminated with serifs. This emphasises the descending strokes and thereby causes numbers in old style figures to outstand more than necessary.
  10. Font with rounded corners

    It’s a modified Avant Garde Gothic: download at MyFonts I found a free only for personal use, non bold version: abeatbyKay.
  11. Opinions on justification

    Why no hyphens?
  12. need serif id (Time isn’t running out)

    Where is that image coming from?
  13. staff of aesculapius

  14. woman juggling

  15. man juggling

  16. woman playing handball

  17. man playing handball

  18. women wrestling

  19. men wrestling

  20. woman cartwheeling

  21. man cartwheeling

  22. woman playing water polo

  23. man playing water polo

  24. woman facepalming

  25. man facepalming

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