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  2. hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm looking for a wedding font that used as welcome or thank you banner. (see attached file). Btw, the attached image was just sent to me by my friend who is going to get married and she asked me to make her the same banner. thanks in advance. here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/553357889/personalized-unique-welcome-wood-wedding?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=wedding+laser+cut&ref=sr_gallery_23 thanks and regards, Angel
  3. Kevin Thompson

    ANSWERED Script font seen on the Window of "The Melt" in SF

    The script is Heritage.
  4. Kevin Thompson

    ANSWERED Script font seen on the Window of "The Melt" in SF

    The sans serif appears to be Newcastle Basic Clean. Still working on the script....
  5. I'm trying to identify this script font. I took this photo outside on the external window of a grilled cheese franchise in San Francisco called "The Melt". This was obviously created very recently. Note the shadow in the tail of the z. Bonus points for identifying the All-Caps heavy font above. I ultimately want a source from which I can license this font. Thanks!
  6. Jan Maack

    Ivy à la mode

    Originally intended as a high-contrast companion for IvyJournal, Jan Maack’s IvyMode font dropped its serifs and picked up its own name. Now it’s ready to vogue.
  7. Riccardo Sartori is spot on, Tempo Bold Extended, an exact fit. Bit of twisting and tugging in Illustrator for the: Hustler Heart bit and your there.
  8. Riccardo Sartori

    Font search: Mind of a Hustler Heart of a King

    I suspect starting from a different typeface from the rest, which, if isn’t indeed Neuzon, it appears to be based on the same Tempo Bold Extended original font.
  9. That was clear from the link already provided by Kevin. The follow-up was to know more about the original design.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Neuzon Regular might be an interesting starting point. The bending and stretching for HUSTLER & HEART are obviously the result of someone doing some twisting and shaping in Adobe Illustrator. Neuzon isn't exact but it may get some of the other typo guys thinking. https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/typodermic/neuzon/regular/
  12. Joshua I did a google search and squarewise comes up as a free download at daFont.com https://www.dafont.com/squarewise.font
  13. samiel

    Garamond tastes

    Do you think that Adobe Garamond Pro il better than Adobe Premiere Pro? Why? Thanx
  14. Ralf Herrmann

    Garamond tastes

    Adobe Garamond Pro download at MyFonts
  15. Some info on Fonts In Use. A small picture of it in Mecanorma's catalogue.
  16. Right I get it now, thanks. If anyone has a copy or image of the dry transfer, or the name of its designer, let me know!
  17. Rob Leuschke's Square Peg is a completely different design, and Square Peg was the former name of SquareWise, not of the dry transfer original.
  18. Thank you Kevin. I read on LeFly website's that it is : "SquareWise is my interpretation of a font I found in a catalogue of dry transfer lettering from 1982. There it's called 'Square'." and then "Note: This font was originally named "Square Peg", but I discovered there already was a commercially available font by that name (by designer Rob Leuschke)" But I have not found either "Square Peg" or the original dry transfer lettering. if anyone happens to know more, I'm interested !!
  19. Bangkok, Restaurant, and Thailandais are all SquareWise, by LeFly Fonts.
  20. samiel

    Garamond tastes

    It's well known that Garamond has a lot of versions, maybe more as any other font. I tried to compare: ATF Garamond EB Garamond Garamond Premiere pro Sabon Next Stempel Garamond I love the renaissance taste of EB Garamond, but it's "in progress" from many years and hitherto never ended. Stempel Garamond appears nice, but in my version (002 from FontFolio 11.0) is missing of many glyphs and ligatures (f. i. "č" and the ligature for "ff") and I don't like the "z" letter. I don't know if more recent versions are more complete. For I need old style numbers (typical of Garamond) and true small caps, even if it's a rather subjective opinion which Garamond do you prefer and recommend? thanx s
  21. Last week
  22. Hello, I'm trying to find what font this is, used for the "BANGKOK" sign, as well as RESTAURANT and THAILANDAIS. Anyone?
  23. samiel

    bring back more fonts to an unique family

    Yes, there are some fonts having a single family for every weight, not only this one. My fonts come from Adobe Font Folio 11. It would be maybe possible changing only PS and TTF name, it worked well in the past for other ones, but now not. Or the matter is different, or I'm doing something wrong
  24. Gecko

    Basic Typography

    Short little video about basic ideas regarding typography for those just beginning to think about it.
  25. Ralf Herrmann

    bring back more fonts to an unique family

    Where do the fonts come from? I would expect that the official Linotype release bought as complete family also has proper family style linking. And if not, I would contact Linotype about it. I always advise against changing font files directly. Fonts aren’t editable like RTF. You probably do more damage that “fixing” by opening and generating a new version.
  26. I've got Stempel Garamond, but every font belongs to a different family. For it's more confortable ho have a unique family (I use it with LaTeX), I tried to change the family name and the ttf name with FontForge (not Stempel Garamond Roman and Stempel Garamond Italic as 2 different families, but the same and only different subfamilies, Roman and Italic) but, for instance, the italic is not recognized. Is there a simple procedure to gain my goal? thanx s
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