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  2. Fonts from a poster (Spirit … Presence)

    Amazing, Thank You.
  3. Fonts from a poster (Spirit … Presence)

    Look at the complete character set. There are alternative characters in there.
  4. Fonts from a poster (Spirit … Presence)

    Thanks so much for your help. Bourbon Rough looks different from that one though. From first look, S, T, E are different. But I think it's close enough.
  5. Fonts from a poster (Spirit … Presence)

    "from your" is probably Thirsty Rough, derived from Thirsty Script, derived from Wisdom Script. download at MyFonts Edit: a slow typer I am
  6. Fonts from a poster (Spirit … Presence)

    And the other one is probably Bourbon (Rough)
  7. Fonts from a poster (Spirit … Presence)

    Red lines are Thirsty Rough download at MyFonts
  8. Fonts from a poster (Spirit … Presence)

    download at MyFonts Black lines are Brothers from Emigre.
  9. Can someone help me with the fonts from the poster? 1. The font for "Where shall I go" 2. The script font for "from your" 3. And the condensed font for "Spirit" Thank you.
  10. Book with collection of the most common typefaces (fonts)

    Certainly a lot better to explore typefaces. But it is from 1991 and it are only Berthold Fonts and some fonts from other libraries that where licensed by Berthold. I even think that it is set in fototype and not in digital type (correct me if I am wrong!). In 1991 Berthold was already missing the boat in digitizing their fonts for use on the Mac. The book is set by 16 professional textsetting companies and not an a PC or Mac. Some fonts I think even are never published as digital font.
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  12. oh yes. I should have mentioned that... then, what's about the German Book "Übersicht" from 1991?
  13. Book with collection of the most common typefaces (fonts)

    Nice books but about new arrivals. As starting point I would not consider them.
  14. Would you like to own a typographer's mould?

    Dear colleagues, In the coming months there will be a number of typographer's moulds produced in the Netherlands similar to the one in the picture. They will be working devices able to cast metal type. If you are *seriously* interested in owing a hand mould, please drop me an email at: **Please state the size of your mould in points (make please clear if they are Pica or Didot points). Thanks in advance. Ramiro Espinoza
  15. Letter Fountain is a really nice book, I recommend this very much. Have you seen the Yearbooks of Type by Slanted? or these ones
  16. Unknown automotive font

    I bet it is a custom job by the manifacturer, not a retail font. Two possible alternatives: Handel Gothic Orbitron
  17. Book with collection of the most common typefaces (fonts)

    What do you think of my book Letter Fountain, available in 5 languages ... Steven Heller calls it on his book review on The Atlantic ‘The worlds Best Type Reference Guide’:
  18. Unknown automotive font

    I don't have the full particulars as I'm inquiring on someone's behalf. I gather the date is circa 2004. Thanks.
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  20. Unknown automotive font

    What are we seeing there? When was that made?
  21. Unknown automotive font

    Hi, I'd be grateful if someone could identify the font used on the buttons in the attached images.
  22. Visby CF by Connary Fagen with modified "A" in KATE MAX
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  24. Similar font to replace this (Tihlde)

    I think Frutiger Condensed could work: download at MyFonts But of course there are numerous other (semi)condensed heavy sans with relatively lighter horizontals.
  25. Looked through alot of script and handwritten fonts, but cant find this font, please help me. The W and N are very unique, but still no luck, looked through payed and free fonts. But I dont think its a custom font. Thanks.
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