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Fonts with many special characters/glyphs?

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I'm looking for fonts with great language support and lots of special characters. FF DIN would be an example. More suggestions?



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Ralf Herrmann

That’s still too vague as a questions. Hundreds of fonts have a large character sets. Do you have any other requirements/wishes? For example the style of the typeface, the supported languages, the price range …

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Thanks for the quick reply! The full story:

My company’s main product is a web-based encyclopedia. It currently uses Gotham Narrow and Mercury, but we're not happy with the performance of the font provider. Thus we need both a new sans serif and a serif.

True, many many fonts have large character set. But the encyclopedia requires an awful lot of special characters. FF DIN is so far the the only font I've found that’s sufficient. Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Best regards!

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George Thomas

Have you checked out SIL's fonts? They have extensive language support including for some rather obscure languages.

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I like Noto! But I think I might have found a temporary solution in Adobe’s Source Sans Pro and Source Serif Pro. Great special character support, SIL license and many weights.

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Riccardo Sartori
48 minutes ago, muntzing said:

Source Serif Pro. Great special character support, SIL license and many weights.

Be ware, though, of the lack of italics.

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