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I am looking an example of a well designed layout for a dictionary definition. I attached a photo of an example. Does anyone know of or have examples of printed definitions with carefully chosen typography and spacing? Or digital examples? perhaps the heading on a webpage, where the main heading is the business's name (i.e. pentagram) and beneath the heading is the pronuncation (i.e. /ˈpen(t)əˌɡram/) along with the type of speech (i.e.), the definition itself, and the origin of the word (i.e. origin: Greek, "pentagrammon").

They can be non traditional layouts as well. I am mainly looking for font pairings. I realize this is very specific, but any help would be much appreciated. Even if you can't find examples perhaps suggestions of font pairings, spacing, what words to italicize etc. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 3.31.04 PM.png

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Do you want to actually create the layout of a complete (printed?) dictionary or just something like that poster you showed? Both would have very different requirements in my opinion. 

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The dictionary (web/print) already takes care of most of the layout process.

If you look up a word on merriam-webster, you can see exactly how they chose to layout a word, noun classification, phonetics, definition, etc. Just look up a word for this and use their layout format, in InDesign/Illustrator.

Why not start with a font-family (Times, Helvetica, etc.) that already has a full variety of styling choices [light. bold, italic, etc.] already in it, before you try to be crazy and mix a variety of typefaces into it?

Not that this is a hard rule but, you shouldn't have more than three (max) different typefaces within the same body of text. You CAN, but shouldn't because it forces your eye to do more work which is distracting.


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