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In search of a font which may or may not exist...

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After some time wrestling with the font analyzer apps, I would love some human input...  I'm new to this so apologies for my long winded descriptions and improvised terminology. 

I am looking for a fat, soulful, elegant, bulbous but balanced, non-cartoony, mixed-weight font that is sort of a hybrid between: a 1920's deco/nouveau/modern european signage & posters/classic French wine bottle font, and something more modern and slightly psychedelic 70's space age.

For example the B in the Bentley logo is leaning in the right direction. 


This part of the Romanee Conti bottle is nice, but it becomes cartoony when taken off the bottle. I want something fatter and rounder where all the letters fit together in a sculptural "gestalt" way.



Countdown also has the kind of mixed weighted letters look I'm after. But it's too square. I would prefer a font that has a more rounded and hand-drawn feel.


Lugano is in the ballpark as well... though it's a bit too cartoony, too faux-psychedelic/Laugh In,  too nouveau (the "H" and "R" in particular). I'm looking for a font with a more sophisticated modern sense of balance and elegance. 59b9a7270f769_ScreenShot2017-09-13at2_45_41PM.thumb.png.7f5dd56d923c68f5e7700c572e4c2677.png

But that "lopsided" "O" is very much something I'm looking for - a font that is spiritually linked (in it's mixed weighted lines) to one of these round 60s phones...



Bella's goes too far in the other diraction - it's regular alphabet is very fashion oriented, some lines are just too thin for their own good. but their symbols/punctuation are pretty dang nice. Love that big ampersand, though it feels more computer generated/slick than hand-rendered/soulful though.


Pompadour font, frustratingly, just seems to have numbers...  the numbers are beautiful.


Roger Dean's "Yes" font is way too goofy and linked to its psychedelic time, but imagine if he had been designer of Polish movie posters or lived 50 years earlier as a label  designer for Italian colognes?




Thank you for any suggestions!


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Those samples are all so far apart from each other, it’s hard to narrow it down somehow. 

On 14.9.2017 at 2:58 AM, Gazpachot said:

Pompadour font, frustratingly, just seems to have numbers...  the numbers are beautiful.

Positype has some playful 60s/70s fonts like this. 


Also, browse the catalogue of both House Industries and Letterhead Fonts

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Thank you, Ralf! Yes, I know I'm sort of putting apples and horses together. Sorry! I will review your suggestions. 

I can imagine this font. It has aspects of warm, hand rendered, deco/modernist european signs and product labels, as well as a certain chilly 60s/70s sci-fi book cover flare.

It's rounded and each letter has mixed-widths, though it doesn't get down to skinny/line width as so many of today's Bella-esque fonts do. It has the kind of perfect  imperfect balance and elegance that only a non-digital hand and eye can create.

Again, thanks, let me look at these. I will try to find a better sample. 

In the meantime, I wonder what the rest of this old font would look like? Feels promising in terms of the Euro modern hand-rendered aspect. Could use a bit more severity to give it a space age edge. 




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Could try Blur - there are a couple of different weights and multiple imitations out there.

I think Neville Brody was the original designer, my copy is from FontShop.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 15.27.50.jpg

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Rick Wallace

here is my vote. Depending on amount of type you are setting, you could always apply the "rounded edges" feature in Illustrator to give it that old/worn look. 


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