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Needing help with font combinations for my book.

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I'm not sure if you can help with this type of question, but nobody I've asked has an answer so I thought I'd give this a try.

Certain fonts are recommended for certain types of books, my book is going to be non-fiction and political in nature so I'm thinking of using Constantia or Caslon font for the body of my book because it's stated to be good for non-fiction and easy to read (unless you know a better font.)  The goal I have is that I want the chapter titles to convey a sense of importance and be a bit more dramatic than the body.   Something that contrasts the body of the book but is still appropriate to use with Constantia or Caslon.

Here's one helpful quote I read to choose my body...


"Nonfiction books commonly use a sans-serif font in the chapter headings and subheadings, and a serif font such as Constantia in the body. The heading for this Introduction uses Helvetica font and the body uses Constantia font."


Since books have a formula that's been tried and tested with successful results, I don't want to make a beginners mistake.  If it's recommended to use a sans-serif font in the chapter headings are there are proper ones to go with Constantia and Caslon, (ones which are more dramatic, illustrate a sense of importance, and are good for non-fiction)?  Sorry if that's a lot and too specific. :sad:

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For mixing serif and sans-serif, a rule of thumb is to stick with the same design principle. Caslon for example is a “humanist” design, so picking a humanist sans-serif will usually work fine. 

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-26 um 06.30.37.png

That’s Myriad Pro + Caslon Pro from Adobe as an example. 

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Thanks for that.  What about Constantia as the body, is there a good one to go with that as chapter titles, or a rule of thumb for that one?  

Also, how do I learn which fonts are humanist, or some other style?  If it's good to stick within the same style for chapters and the body of the text, perhaps a layout of fonts and their properties would help.  

To give you more information on what I'm aiming for, I'm not settled on which fonts to use for my political book yet.  Although it's non-fiction and educational in nature, it'll also be presented in a fashion that's meant to grab attention. It'll present exciting new ideas and, at times, expose shocking wrongs in our society in various political groups.  Caslon, I went to initially because it was said to be good for educational non-fiction books, but I'm wondering if that font is going to come off to some as if it were a math book.   I'm open to any tips you're willing to give.

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