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Looking for this font on multiple sorority shirts- The Social Life

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I made a post about this particular font a year ago and nobody was able to identify it, or responded, so I'm trying my luck again. I am looking for a digital version of this font that spells out multiple sorority names- you can see a variety here:


I am also using this for a greek life shirt, but I continue to constantly receive references of this font and I have exhausted all resources in identifying it. For a moment, I thought it might be custom, but from this website it appears that its clearly a font, but I am also wondering if they are mix/matching another font with it, because the lowercase 'l' is sometimes different. Sometimes the loop on the l is very loopy and wide,  (e.g. Sig Delt tee) vs more narrow (e.g.  Alpha Phi). The lowercase 'e' is also throwing me off, as is the uppercase Z. 

If anyone can identify this, I would be eternally grateful. I've attached a screenshot for quick reference. 



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I suspect it is a custom job or more like you said a mismatch of several glyphs from a couple of different fonts.

Closest I can get are: Kaufmann, Swing Bold or Santa Fe, all commercially available from myfonts.

There are literally hundreds of script faces available here: https://www.dafont.com.

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Kevin Thompson

Sorry, still not finding a match.

Only finding similar—Lamplighter, by Font Diner.

It is so similar for some letters (certain capitals) that I suspect it might be another Font Diner face that has since dropped off the market, or a knock-off that has since disappeared.

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You guys are AMAZING. Seriously- I appreciate you SO much. Its so odd to me that they mix matched stuff, which is why its been SO difficult to identify. Thank you!!

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