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Trying to identify the font used to embroider some shirts


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827561717_Namesamples.thumb.png.ee9e035635caf995626f4aaf9a8edde7.pngI am trying to match a font used to embroider some shirts.  The embroiderer says it is Brush Script, but it does not match any variation of Brush Script that I have or have been able to find.  In particular, the upper case letters are quite different.

I don't have any idea how old the font is.

A free font would be great, but commercial is okay, too.

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I actually think that the lettering started out as Brush Script, but the embroidering machine has clipped some of the detail from the original font due to limitations of embroidery.

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Gecko, thank you for your input.  However, the embroidery machine would not change anything.  I spoke to the embroiderer, and I was told that this is simply how the font appears on their computer, and it is called Brush Script.

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Ralf Herrmann

I don’t think this will exist outside the embroidery machines. It’s essentially a continuous stroke with a varying width, so the embroidery machine can go left to right and back all the time. That explains some of the awkward features that a type designer creating an outline font just wouldn’t do (I hope). 

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