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Kaiti SC on mac

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Hi - Thanks for taking my call (a little public radio humor.) I'm trying to find a source to download the font kaiti sc and all I can find is en.fontke.com or whatfontis.com and both sites look a little fishy. I'll happy pay a reasonable price to license but it's nowhere to be found at sites such as myfonts.com, typekit, fontsquirrel, etc.  A google search tells me it's available with mac os but I certainly can't find it. (I can find Adobe kaiti std in Ps which is an entirely different animal.) Any help appreciated and thanks in advance.

Update - found it on mac but needed to be installed.

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As with candies, it’s better not to accept fonts from strangers!

Kaiti SC is a simplified Chinese typeface by Changzhou SinoType, included in Mac OS since version 10.8 (Mountain Lion), along with its traditional Chinese counterpart, Kaiti TC, that shares the same Latin letters and metrics.

Adobe Kaiti is an “Adobe Original” that, while sharing the same Chinese characters with Kaiti, pairs them with different Latin ones.

If you need the Latin part of Kaiti and don’t have a recent version of Mac OS, there are other typefaces from the same foundry (for example: Song and Songti) that have the same Latin letters and perhaps you have already installed.

Alternatively, you could look for a Western typeface similar enough for your needs (and your taste).

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Thanks, Riccardo. I did find what I needed but appreciate the tips as I'm new to this whole font world. Funny that my dad was a typesetter and only after all these years I've developed an appreciation for it.



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Hi Alexandru,

For me, it is the number of ads with buttons that one could accidentally push to download unwanted content. Just a quick look at the page shows 4 large buttons from ads including browse, continue, start download, and answer. Finding exactly where to access content from your site takes a bit of searching and doesn't inspire confidence. I see that one can upgrade to remove ads but again, that takes trust.

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2 hours ago, Ralf Herrmann said:

Not sure you did. These new nag screens are pretty annoying. 


Hello Ralph, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I can understand that it's nagging for some people, it's meant to give the users a quick way to register as a free member and most of them do.

Now, we are in the process of finding the good balance between ads (that secure part of our funding for the website) and paid membership (which secures the other side of funding).

As you may expect it's not an easy task or has a single answer, otherwise the Apple, Microsoft or Adobe would have been perfect from the start :)

We're technical guys at the core so your feedback is welcomed and we'll experiment with both content and form to find the best fit for our users.

Thank you !



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