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Atkinson – for those with poor vision

Przemysław Sakrajda

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Certainly looks better than other fonts made with the same goal in that area. 

I’m just sceptical about extreme treatments like the letter q. Sure, it’s “unique”, but also so far away from the common design that it decreases the legibility. You kinda have to learn this design first as a reader. 

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20 minutes ago, Ralf Herrmann said:

I’m just sceptical about extreme treatments like the letter q.

I have seen this kind of right hook on |q| in other typefaces, and generally find it distracting. This version is especially exaggerated and, together with the general design, I think it would have benefited from slightly longer descenders and ascenders.

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I'm always sceptical when I read about similar projects, but this one is not as bad as I've seen in the past. I completely agree with “q”, it's terrible. I've tried to read without glasses I can see Polish “ą” not  “q”.



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