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I purchased a font today but received no license document

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Diego Puentes

I purchased GOTHAM from Hoefler&Co. today. The files I downloaded did not include a license.

Here is my complaint: 

There are type foundries and type designers that are creating restrictive commercial licenses that specify limitations for desktop use (Yellow Design Studio does this).

Meanwhile, there are old, established foundries that do not even bother to include a license document when you buy and download the font.

If we are expected to honor font licenses I think foundries should always include a license in the purchase.

In this case the purchase receipt did not specify (desktop) or include any license info. I assumed I purchased an old-fashioned desktop license. But how am I to know.

Font licensing is screwed up. 

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Diego Puentes

I think I am talking to myself. We must honor an agreement that nobody inforces until a scumbag finally does in a license that almost nobody reads. Do you guys see the problem or you just don't care? 

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Ralf Herrmann

There are many font designers registered here as well. Give them some time to discover your posts. 

Including the license in the download isn’t a requirement, but as with any contract, it should certainly be shown to you when you make the purchase. Otherwise it wouldn’t even become legally binding in many jurisdictions. 
I don’t have an account on typography.com but as far as I can see from the website, you have to decide to buy the fonts for a certain amount of “computers”, for “websites” or for “apps”. “Computer” would indeed be what is traditionally known as desktop license. 

And please keep it factual. Your frustration is understandable, but it doesn’t justify name-calling or slander on our platform. 

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Just an addendum to Ralf's point: traditionally, Hoefler has been pretty precise in how they distribute license agreements (they even include helpful documentation, such as: About OpenType Fonts and Troubleshooting, etc...). What may have changed, however, is that Hoefler was recently purchased by Monotype, and perhaps the legal departments have not yet coordinated with each other. My own particular experience is that most foundries are pretty cool... 

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