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Would like to know the font used in this Globo TV program

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Hi, I work at Globo, the biggest media company in Latin America. Globo has many TV channels in Brazil, one of witch is GloboNews, a CNN alike, airing news 24/7. Recently, this channel had a branding renewal and I believe one of the changes was the font used in most of the tv programs this channel has.

This font seems like Arial but I am pretty sure it isn't. I have this question because the font does seem to have a hinting issue (The text in the light gray strip is moving and it seems weird). I don't know if it is because of the OS used to stream this component in the TV program or if it is because of a bad use of the font by the editors.

I could try to track the people on the inside responsible for this implementation but since the company is pretty huge I think I would take longer to discover what is going on.

image 6.png

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